The viticulture in the hills of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene is very old, so much so that the centuries of man’s work is literally carved into the sunny slopes of the hills.

As early as the 11th Book of Statutes of Conegliano, compiled between 1282 and 1337, a paragraph is dedicated to “De Vitibus e Olivis Plantandis” which states that every farmer in each parish of land is perpetually bound by law to plant 5 olive plants and 50 vines every year, under penalty of five lire for every violation.

There is no doubt therefore, that in the end Conegliano attributes a certain importance to viticulture cultivation that over time has gained an interesting growth, such that in 1946 The Confraternity of Prosecco was born, in 1962 the Consorsio of Guardianship of Prosecco, in 1966 the fi rst “Strada del Vino” in Italy, in 1969 the Regulations of Production, and in 2004 the production district of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene became the Prosecco DOC zone, in 2010 the zone became D.O.C.G.