We do not use herbicides in our vineyards, so all our work is done manually and our agricultural techniques vary in order to obtain the finished product we desire.

White wine base spumante:

The grapes are hand harvested then placed in small crates and taken to the cellar where they are soft pressed.
The must obtained gets refrigerated, decanted and then fermented under controlled temperatures. The wine is then microfiltered and remains in stainless steel tanks up to the moment of spumantizzazione (effervescence) wich is accomplished with metodo italiano.
The metodo italiano, in effect, is the method of creating natural bubbles in autoclaves through the re-fermentation of the base wine. This operation goes on over an entire year and in this way produces a wine that will always be fresh, fruity and floral.

Red wine

The grapes are harvested by hand and placed in a small crates. In the cellar they are crushed, destemmed and put into little vats to ferment.
The wine remains in stainless steel and is then aged in small oak barrels.
Further refinement takes place in the bottle.
When the wine is ready, it's released into the marketplace.