With the founding at Conegliano of the School of Viticulture & Enology in 1876 and the Center of Experimental Viticulture, the studies of this grape varietal are very developed and Prosecco is widespread in all the hilly arcas of Conegliano, extending west into Valdobbiadene, finally reaching the ultimate propagator, the river Piave.

The origin of the varietal is a mystery. For some it was already known at the time of the Roman Empire by the name Pucino and was used to make the wine particularly appreciated by Empress Livia Augusta.

This varietal is composed of various biotypes among which we find the Prosecco Balbi, a favorite choice of Count Balbi Valier, characterized to have sparse clusters because of the particular makeup of this grape.

This biotype is used by us to produce the pure base spumante of Prosecco, with the advent of the D.O.C.G. the Prosecco varietal takes the name of Glera.