Conegliano and the viticulture

Viticulture in the hills of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene is so ancient that over the centuries man’s work carved the sunny slopes of the hills where the quality of Prosecco reaches its highest level.
The terroir of Montesel winery is composed of a conglomerate soil with prevalence of clay and poor in rocks; here climate is generally temperate, in summer the area is characterized by large temperature variations between day and night, that encourages the development of aromatic substances into grapes; the disposition of our vineyards follows the natural slope of the hills so that every single vine has the best solar exposure. Our viticulture is often summed up in the word “respectful" since we love our territory and we are in direct contact with it everyday.
In the 2ND Book of Statutes of Conegliano, which was written at the turn of 1300, at the paragraph “de vitibus et olivis plantadis” is written that “every farmer in each piece of land is perpetually bound by law to plant 5 olive plants and 50 vines every year… under penalty of fine up to five lire for each violation”

Prosecco and its development

There is therefore no doubt that since its foundation Conegliano has given a certain importance to viticulture that has gained a growth in interest over time, enough to lead to:
  • the birth of the "Confraternita del Prosecco" in 1946;
  • the birth of "Consorzio di Tutela del Prosecco" in 1962;
  • the creation of the "I° Strada del Vino in Italia" in 1966;
  • the publication of the "Disciplinary of Production" in 1969;
  • the "Zone of Prosecco Doc Conegliano-Valdobbiadene" becoming a production district in 2004
  • the area been declared D.O.C.G. In 2010
  • the proclamation of the Prosecco Hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene to UNESCO World Heritage in 2019


we are DOCG since 2010

Where the interaction between man and environment created EXTRAORDINARY PRODUCTS.

WE ARE IN D.O.C.G. SINCE APRIL 1st 2010 the yield per hectare is lower than the d.o.c. appellation requires, every single bottle is numbered with a state seal, the production area is very restricted and lots of controls are made to guarantee a superior quality product.